Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

So I suppose I should mention that one of my stories, Stone of Wrath, is available in a print anthology from Ellora's Cave called Torrid Topaz. Don't know if I have mentioned it here or not. Honestly, I haven't really plugged it much since my story is the only gay romance in the book. Nothing wrong with heterosexual romances, but since most of my readers probably prefer gay romances it seems a little strange to encourage them to buy the print anthology. I thought I'd mention it anyway. Should be kind of interesting for those readers who expect all heterosexual romances in the anthology to come across Jed and Topaz's story.

Plugging away on Beyond the Norm, my Goth/Biker story. I'd like to have it done and off to publishers by the middle of May, but we'll see how that goes. Life gets in the way sometimes.

After that, I'll have to decide what to work on. I'd like to get started on The Other Side 2, the continuation of Ray and Nick's relationship, but also I'm reminded that I agreed to do a song-title book, Ticket to Ride. It's not due until September but I loathe waiting until the last minute. Not to mention I still have, Never the One, my cop partner-murder mystery book, and Pieces, my next very, very angsty book I want to write (one hero is still devastated over the suicide of his lover). As my friend Shayne would say, it will definitely be a two-hankie story.

Don't forget to comment if you want to win a copy of Trust, my last Ellora's Cave release coming out later this month. I'm really proud of Brad and Justin's story and I think my readers will really like it. So don't miss out. Right now there are so few comments, ALL those who have commented may win a copy.


  1. Can I throw my comment in to win a read...

    P.S. How did you end up in the middle of hetro anthology...


    Have a great week..


  2. Good question. Normally EC does not print M/M books or it is very rare. The only reason Stone of Wrath made it in there is because it was part of the birthstone themed books for 2008, SOW being for November's Topaz. EC just put all the birthstone books into a print anthology for each month, so Jed and Topaz got in there.

  3. GO You Shawn..

    Bucking the system - Well done...

    About time, I have had it with them and there print policy...

    I hope this is a bend in the road for them..


  4. How do you keep all of your stories straight? no pun
    You have so many stories running around in that beautiful creative mind of yours, I don't know how you do it! I can barely remember what I ate yesterday.
    You are awesome my friend. Congrats on the book in print!

  5. It's all in my brain, Shayne. Funny, my friend Ava there has to outline and jot down every detail to every book she even thinks about writing before she will do anything. Not me. I have probably a dozen books in my head right now. I'm trying very hard not to add any more ideas though because my brain is starting to be overloaded, lol