Thursday, April 9, 2009

Excerpt of Wanting Sam by Shawn Lane

About Wanting Sam: Just a hot, sex-filled fun erotic interracial romance I wrote. It started with wanting to have a guy, Sam, who thought he was geeky but is actually just a sweet, shy, sexy guy. Wanting Sam was released from Ellora's Cave in February 2009.
...“You have a nice place, Sam,” Krystal Blake heard herself say. Okay, so how many times had she used nice when it came to Sam?

Sam’s place was an average sized one bedroom apartment found anywhere in suburban Los Angeles. This particular area, Calabasas, was a nicer more middle-class section of Los Angeles County. Pretty much vanilla as far as Krystal could tell.

But vanilla was really a good description of Sam Kane himself. He drove a beige compact, had beige carpets and beige furniture. As for his looks well, fortunately they weren’t beige. Not exactly.

Behind his round-framed rather thick glasses Krystal spied ocean blue eyes. Until he looked away as fast as he could. She’d noticed he had trouble meeting her gaze. She guessed he was shy.
His skin was flawless, a peaches and cream complexion Krystal figured most white women would envy. His lips were full and very kissable. Or they looked like they would be. Truth was Sam had a damn fine face.

Sam’s short spiky blond hair had been bleached lighter. Krystal figured he’d been a little blond boy as a child but the hair had darkened somewhat as he got older. If he didn’t bleach it no doubt it would be a light shade of golden brown.

He wore faded jeans with holes in the knees and a dark blue pullover sweater.

“It’s a mess. Sorry. Wasn’t expecting anyone.” His cheeks pinked slightly, which Krystal found oddly appealing. He bent at the waist to pick something off the floor and the faded jeans strained against his tight round ass.

Oh yeah.

Okay, maybe he wasn’t so vanilla. Or if he was maybe she liked that flavor more than she thought.

Straightening, Sam hurried into the small rectangular kitchen. “You… I could make some coffee. Or tea. Are you hungry?”

“Tea would be nice,” Krystal said, smiling to try to put him at ease.

“Okay, yeah.” He opened a cabinet. Closed it. Opened another one. “Is it hot in here to you?”

Krystal followed him into the kitchen and leaned against the doorway. “Well take your sweater off.”

“Oh.” He bit his lip and Krystal found herself staring at the spot where his teeth nibbled.
Sam turned on a kettle on the stove, then reached for the hem of his sweater. When he pulled it he also caught the t-shirt underneath and her gaze flicked to naked skin.

Good lord, he had abs to absolutely die for...

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