Thursday, April 9, 2009

Excerpt of A Knigt For All by Shawn Lane

About A Knight For All: My one and only menage. I was new to Amber Quill and anxious to get something else to them so when they asked for themed m/m/f menage I volunteered. The result is A Knight For All which was released in December 2008.

...It had been Katherine’s idea that they enter Gregory’s chamber together. Even though he’d been intrigued and even anxious, Edward couldn’t help but enter the room with some trepidation. His days of swiving multiple partners were in his youth and, he thought, over. And in those days he did not have tender feelings for most of his partners.

His wife, however, had said Gregory was a willing participant, but still Edward found himself a bit nervous. He wanted to make them both happy. He certainly hoped he would be up to the challenge.

When they entered Gregory’s chamber hand in hand, he was sitting up on the bed. The furs from the bed only covered his lower half. Edward immediately spotted a large, ugly bruise on his ribcage.

He halted their approach a few feet from the bed. “Are you…this injury looks severe.”

Katherine smiled and shook her head. “My lord, I would not risk further injury to Sir Gregory. He has given me his assurances that it is merely tender.”

She withdrew her hand and went to stand on the other side of the bed, leaving Edward to stand by the nearest side. “And your head? How does it feel?”

“Just a dull ache. ’Tis naught but an annoyance,” Gregory said.

It felt strange to be nervous. Edward had lain with both Gregory and Katherine. He had no fear of being judged. They’d both made it clear they wanted this.

Gregory gave him a loving and welcome smile and invitingly pulled aside the furs...

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