Monday, April 6, 2009

Excerpt of At Long Last by Shawn Lane

About At Long Last: Released in January 2009 from Amber Allure, At Long Last, is my first number one best seller for Amber Quill. It also reached the top ten best sellers for All Romance Ebooks. At Long Last will be part of my print anthology, Lawyers in Love due out in July.

...Scotty opened his office door and flicked on the lights. He didn’t bother to close the door either. He loved working in an empty office. He was hot and tired and maybe even a little hungry, but he wasn’t sleepy. He didn’t want to go home to his parents’ house. They always asked too many questions. And until he could find a place of his own he was stuck.

He walked to the stereo and punched the button. Instantly loud rock music blared from the speakers. Scotty smiled. Just the way he liked it. He didn’t know why. He just liked loud music. Always had. His mom told him that was why he was already hard of hearing at twenty-five.

He realized how blazing hot it was in his office then. Still wearing the suit. Man, he hated that part of the job. Really, he would much rather have found a job away from the family business. Scotty wanted no handouts. But his dad had asked, said that with him cutting back his own hours, they needed the help.

Scotty went to his desk and sat on the edge, kicking off his shoes. Figured he might as well get comfortable. No one around to tell him he wasn’t toeing the company line.
Thoughts of Preston entered his mind, unbidden. He was supposed to be getting work done, not daydreaming about the unattainable. But damn, he’d been thinking about Pres all day. Life sure sucked some times.
He let his thoughts drift to his favorite fantasy. Scotty would be sitting behind his desk, his slacks undone, stroking his cock. His eyes closed, he wouldn’t hear Preston come into his office until he stood right next to Scotty. Then Preston would offer to take over the stroking of Scotty’s cock.
Shit, he was getting hard.

Scotty leaned back his head, closing his eyes. The tie and collar suddenly choked him and he reached up to loosen them.

“God, it’s hot,” he said aloud.
“Yeah, it is.”

Scotty’s eyelids flew open, his heart hammering in his chest. Preston stood only a few feet away. His chocolate brown eyes were focused on Scotty with what he could have sworn was lust. Scotty licked his dry lips. He had to be imagining Preston. No one else was in the office. And he sure as hell did not see desire in Preston’s gaze.

“Preston?” His own voice sounded coarse to his ears. “I…I didn’t think anyone else was here.”

Preston didn’t answer. He took a couple of steps closer to Scotty, stopping to stand just within Scotty’s parted legs.

“Uh.” Scotty couldn’t say anything else. His mouth closed, tongue frozen. Tangible desire thrummed through his veins. He didn’t want to act too rashly. Didn’t want to read something he wanted desperately to be there when it wasn’t. Couldn’t be.

Preston reached out and ran his thumb along Scotty’s bottom lip. A shiver went up Scotty’s spine.

Preston leaned forward, his breath caressing Scotty’s skin. He lowered his lips, grazing Scotty’s mouth. “What the hell are you doing to me?” Preston asked in the barest of whispers...

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