Monday, April 27, 2009

Bound to Him by Ava March is released

Lord Vincent Prescot’s life couldn’t be better. Thriving investments, well-respected by his peers, and mind blowing sex with a man who submits to his every desire -- what more could he want?Lord Oliver Marsden should be more than happy with his life. He’s been in love with Vincent for over a decade and six months ago the impossible happened and they became lovers. But since then, nothing has changed. More specifically, Vincent hasn’t changed. Oliver has tried to be patient -- it took a lot for Vincent to accept the fact he preferred men. But what felt like a tiny distance between them six months ago now feels like an ever-widening chasm. Why can’t Vincent stay the night? Is it too much to ask for Vincent to call him Oliver and not Marsden? He knows Vincent cares for him, but does Vincent love him?Then Vincent’s father asks him for a favor -- one that involves marriage. If Vincent agrees, he’ll have the respect he’s craved from his father his entire life but he could lose Oliver. Nor does Oliver make the decision easy. To keep Oliver, he’ll have to do more than deny his father. He’ll have to give Oliver his heart.

Bound to Him from Loose Id, LLC

Congratulations to Ava on the release


  1. I was up late last night with a pounding ear infection, and devoured both Bound To Him and Trust. Ava, thank you for continuing their story. It was amazing watching Oliver fight for his self-confidence. And thanks again Shawn for the e-book, I really needed the distraction last night. There is something compelling about a hero in the rescuer role, nothing like it to set the tone for a story. Kudos to you both for great m/m interactions, you are an inspiration to me as an aspiring writer of the genre.

  2. Thank you, Stacey. I know both Ava and I appreciate your kind words and we are thrilled you enjoyed the books. And much luck with your own writing also. :)

    So sorry about the ear infection though!