Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog Changes and Releases

I've been tweaking the blog a bit over the weekend. I'm not very good at technology I am afraid and it took me this long to figure out what I've done in the last few days (I started the blog like a year ago or maybe slightly more, though it has evolved over time).

On the other hand I know of some blogs that are so graphics heavy they take forever to load and I don't want that either. I'm a fairly simple sort.

I think Ava March's first post on my blog was a success and now we will have to think of some more things for her to post about since she believes she is boring unless given a specific topic to post on. I'm sure we'd take any suggestions on subject matter.

Both Ava and I have releases this week. Ava has the long-awaited sequel of Bound by Deception out tomorrow, April 28, 2009 from Loose Id, called Bound to Him. And I have, of course, Trust, releasing Wednesday, April 29, 2009, from Ellora's Cave.


  1. Hey Shawn,

    I know what's it like to twick with your blog --- took me a while to figure mine out as well..

    you know what you want, so just keep true to the idea in your head..

    If you need help with anything, let me know...

    I like Ava's first post as well... cool topic...

    And i will be supporting you both in your releases this week...

    Your review will go up on the 29th on my blog...


  2. Thanks, E.H. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Thanks, E.H. :D

    Shawn doesn't think she's very tech savy, but I think she did a great job on the updated look.

    ...and thanks again to Shawn for giving me a cool topic for the post.