Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 04, 2009

Next weekend Most Likely To Succeed will be released from Amber Allure. Here is the blurb:

Thomas Harrigan can't help but admire his sexy, single and openly gay boss, Clark Sterling. He never expects the gorgeous lawyer to put the moves on him. But when Clark makes his interest shockingly clear, Thomas find himself involved in a passionate affair with the man of his dreams.

Badly burned by an office romance once before, Clark knows he should keep his relationship with Thomas on a strictly business level. But there’s something disarmingly genuine about the beautiful, intelligent young man, and Clark throws caution to the wind.

As Thomas spends more time in Clark’s company and his bed, he realizes he is falling in love and he’s pretty sure Clark feels the same way. But when Thomas’s resumé finds its way to a rival firm, Clark is livid. Just when he had started to picture a life with Thomas, complete with a house in the suburbs, the man betrays him, just like his ex-lover did.

Clark cuts Thomas out of his life, and his firm. Left unemployed and reeling from a broken heart, Thomas struggles to put the pieces of his life back together. But when Clark learns the truth, can he open his heart to Thomas once again and take a chance on happiness?

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