Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Blog Name

Okay, so I've changed the name of my blog. I'll see if that just ends up confusing people or what. When I started writing the blog more than a year ago I hadn't published anything as Shawn. I was only publishing regular heterosexual historical romances. Since that time, my career has been devoted to Shawn Lane works and developing a following under that name. I'm not currently writing traditional romances and have no plans in the immediate future to do so. I have one more release coming in May from Wild Rose Press for that sort of romance, but that's it.

Thus, the name change. Really I've been talking up Shawn's stuff more for months anyway so it makes sense.

Got my edits for Most Likely To Succeed. Nothing too bad. I'm going to Sin City for the weekend, though, so I think I won't get to the edits until next week.

Finished another chapter of Car Wash. Already over 8,000 words, so I am guessing this will be a novella length rather than an Extended Amber Kiss (10,000 to 17,000 words). My next release from Amber Quill, Jake's Regret, is an Extended Amber Kiss.

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