Monday, November 3, 2008

Novemeber 03, 2008

I'm pleased to say It's Only Make-Believe has really been doing well. I'm actually sort of surprised that at least at All Romance Ebooks it is outselling my boys. Right now it is the #4 best seller for Amber Quill at All Romance Ebooks. I'm happy about this because I really like Sebastian and Melody. Theirs was a book I almost didn't complete. I started it around this time last year and then put it aside for a while. I'm glad now that I finished it.

Speaking of finishing, Pulling Away is for all intents and purposes finished. Well, the first draft is. I have some minor polishing to do tonight and I want to add a scene with one of my heroes, Noah, and his friend, Kevin (who will get his own story in 2009). Then I will send it off to Amber Quill for the process. I'll warn readers now Pulling Away is short. I wrote it in about three days though. Really it was just a little story I wrote on the side, but I think it turned out pretty well and I hope readers will like Noah and Charlie. Even though it is short I tried to work in some deeper characterization for these two.

Still waiting to hear on Trust. I hope to know by the end of November on a publisher for that story.

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