Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008

So I'm getting a bit depressed on my submission of Trust. It's now been six weeks since I initially submitted the partial. I thought I was going to get a quick response when after only a week and a half I got a request for the full. Now nothing. This coming weekend they will have had the full for four weeks. The story isn't that long, especially if you have already read the first three chapters.

I feel, too, that it will all be for naught. I have this nagging thought at the back of my head that it will be rejected and I will have wasted all these weeks. Then, I will have to wait more time for another publisher to get back to me.

I haven't heard back from Resplendence either but I have pretty much written that off as a no. It's already been eight weeks and I know they say it can take twelve, but really the partial isn't that long and if they haven't gotten to it yet than they are pretty slow there. I know a lot of slush pile authors complain about how slow Ellora's Cave is. I know they are even slower than when I first submitted to them and I had to wait like three-four months from my initial submission. I am no longer part of the slush and don't have to wait so long for them. Anyway, I suppose it is still better than the slush piles of the print NY publishers.

But the point is I am discouraged at the moment. Probably a little neurotic.

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