Friday, October 3, 2008

October 03, 2008

Okay, so At Long Last, my latest m/m romance, is three-quarters of the way finished. I expect I will have it completed easily by the middle of October. This is great news because it isn’t even due to my publisher, Amber Quill, until the first of November. This is a longer length for me, my first novella for AQ.

Once I have completed At Long Last, I have a few options as far as what to work on next. I still have Kyle, my Goth on the run’s story, but since that one isn’t contracted yet nor do I know for sure which publisher I am targeting with it, I am thinking I am going to put off taking up Beyond the Norm until November.

Of course there is also The Other Side which needs to be completed by December. Now, I do have about one-quarter of that story finished and feel I could even delay working on it until the very beginning of November. I don’t want to put it off too long though because I like being ahead of deadlines. Lunacy, I know.

And I haven’t done anything really on Jake’s Regret which is due by January. I’ve written maybe three pages. But I have time.

I could start work on Sorcerer’s Lover 2. I even have vague notions where I want that story to go

I could start on my idea to turn my ghost story, Restless (which I would have to re-name), into a m/f erotic romance. I have plans to do that in 2009 anyway. Or I hope to.

But what I really want to work on is my next Regency-themed m/m romance, Undeniable. I’m really itching to work on that. So likely, when At Long Last is finished, I will be turning my brain to Undeniable.

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