Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trust and All the Rest

I've made real progress on Trust. I'm very pleased. It's up to 18,500 words. I figure I have two chapters left to conclude the story so if all goes as planned I hope to have it done by the end of this coming weekend. Then come Monday, September 15, I can give full attention to A Knight For All.

When I say full attention, I mean it. I will not work on ANYTHING else until A Knight For All is finished (once Trust is as I declared above).

Anyway, I really like Trust. I think it has really turned into a great story and one of my better ones. Hopefully, the publishers will agree with me.

Once those two stories are out of my way I will likely turn my attention to At Long Last rather than going back to Beyond the Norm just yet. I have a good amount written on At Long Last and it isn't due until November 01, but I'd rather be either finished or closed to finish weeks in advance of that deadline. So, once that is safely going in the proper direction I can get back to Beyond the Norm, likely in mid-October.

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