Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19, 2008

It's hard to believe how many stories I have completed in the last year.

My two Cerridwen Press releases don't count because those were finished and neither do my two Fitzroy stories for The Wild Rose Press. Likewise written.

But I have finished the following:

The Squire
Another Chance
Sorcerer's Lover
Stone of Wrath
Perfect Man
Wanting Sam
It's Only Make-Believe

That's a lot. Now, yes they are novellas but if you think about it at least three of those are over 20,000 words by themselves so that's 60,000 right there and then toss in the rest and that's a lot of words. And I'm not done yet! I'm about to finish A Knight For All this month. Then by the end of the year I should have at least three more done.

Amazing what you can do when you actually write instead of procrastinating. I spent years doing that and I'm so glad I have enthusiasm for what I'm writing now. I only hope I can be just as prolific next year and have publishers wanting to publish my works.

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