Monday, August 25, 2008

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So this morning stalking my email before leaving for work paid off in that the editor at Samhain I sent It's Only Make Believe to acknowledged receipt. She also said she would try to get to it soon. That was good news. Since it is likely to be a rejection (she may feel the heroine is unsympathetic too or there might be some other reason specific to her tastes or even Samhain requirements), once I hear back I can move on to placing it elsewhere (if that is to be what happens).

I finally did receive my contract from AQ for Sorcerer's Lover. Sent it back signed already too. Once they receive it I should get my edits from my editor. Will it make its release date in September? Only time will tell. If not, I am sure it will be out in October or something.

Only a little over a week until Another Chance is out from Ellora's Cave. My first and only erotic gay Regency. Will I write another one someday? Hmmm, could be.

Some of my deadlines have changed for AQ so I have more time to work then I originally thought. Which is a good thing. I did make significant progress on At Long Last though and think I will have it done well before its new deadline of November 01.

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