Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 07, 2008

I have finished edits on The Prisoner. I will be sending that back to my editor tonight.

Someone asked me recently when I mentioned my fourteen contracts how I managed to keep track of them all. Good question.

The contracts themselves aren't that difficult since they are with three publishers and I know which ones are with which publisher. And three of of my regular romances contracts have already been published. One of my erotic romances has also been published and two more will be published next month.

I think more than keeping track of my contracts and what goes with which published, I need to keep the stories straight. I know some writers keep some sort of chart or other tool to keep track of characters. I suppose I ought to do that. Probably easy enough with Excel.

The biggest issues are my gay romances. I am starting to forget what each man looks like. I have several I am writing now, three I have yet to finish, and one I haven't yet started and I need to keep track of their looks and names, soon, I think.

I have the next four days off from the day job. Well, two of those days (the weekend) I would have had off anyway but I also took off Friday and Monday. I am really looking forward to sleeping in.

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