Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sometimes Things Just Suck

Yes, indeed.

There isn't always a rhyme or reason to something. My friend's m/m story just got passed on at a well known publisher. This story is great. I would totally love it even if I didn't know her and I would have purchased it as well. But...they passed. I'll never understand the total subjectivity at publishers. Never. Anyway, I think I might be more bummed than she is. Er probably not.

I am back from my mini-trip to Indio. It was all right. I would never live there in a million years, though.

I heard from Pam at Wild Rose Press and she said she expected to have my first round of edits for The Prisoner to me by the end of this month. So that means I really need to get busy on my other titles because I have a feeling I will have a lot of edits to do on The Prisoner

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