Monday, July 7, 2008

So the long weekend was a mix of good and bad.

First the good: I got my first official review of The Squire and it was really positive. The fireworks in my city were amazing. I made progress on two of my promised Amber Quill stories, At Long Last and The Other Side. In fact I'm up to about 5,000 words on The Other Side and since the story isn't due until October I feel great about where I am at with that story. At Long Last is due in September and I only have about 2,000 done on that one but I feel pretty good about it. This morning on the bus on the way to the day job I played out in my head the big emotional black moment of the story. If I can get what I thought of into the actual document I will be very happy indeed.

The Bad: Number one has to be the rejection from Samhain. It stung, no doubt about it. I had high hopes there and it didn't work out. I've promised not to dwell on it though and I won't. I made no real progress on A Knight For All my menage story due in August. I think I managed to bleed out a single paragraph. Not good. I need to get that story done and off my radar so I can relax and concentrate on other works. It's become my own personal albatross. I didn't have any more success with Trust. I wanted to make that a novel length but I am rethinking that and thinking it may end up novella since the EC novella lengths go up to 30,000 words. I think the reason I can't get past Brad and Justin's first sexual encounter in the book is maybe I am coming at it from the wrong point of view. Right now I am in Justin's but I am thinking I may try Brad's to see if that unsticks me in the story. I really, really want to get that out to EC this summer.

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