Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Three Pubs

Nothing terribly new to report.

Still waiting for the edits for The Prisoner from my Wild Rose Press editor. I really need to nail down the blurb and excerpt for that but I admit I am procrastinating. That really is my least favorite part of the whole process and it's difficult coming up with a one paragraph blurb for a short story of only 12,000 words let alone a book of 64,000 words. How do you get enough information about both your hero and heroine and somewhat what they face in the story in 100 words or so. And then for the excerpt picking something that fits whatever guideline that particular publisher requires (and believe me all three of mine have different requirements) and make it interesting enough for a reader to want to read. So...yeah, total procrastination on my part.

In other Wild Rose Press news A Man Not Her Own comes out in less than a month now. In fact just a smidge over three weeks. I thought that release would never come!

As for Ellora's Cave, nothing much to report on that front. I have release dates for three of my stories coming out this year. Waiting for final line edits on all three of those, too. I expect since Another Chance comes out on September 03, I should be getting those any time. Hopefully nothing too significant. I don't expect to get the edits or cover for Wanting Sam until August or so. I have nothing new to submit to them either. I'm still working on Trust though admittedly I haven't worked on it in some time.

I'm making great progress on At Long Last for Amber Quill. This is my "First Time Around" pax story that comes out in January 09. In other words the first time coming out as gay for at least one of the characters. So far I'm pretty satisfied with that and The Other Side (Opposites Attract pax out in February 09). I've got a couple of chapters written on both of those and I know where the plot will take me for both.

I haven't started Jake's Regret yet (I Remember You pax not out until March 09) and I don't intend to until I have finished A Knight For All, my medieval menage story that's supposed to come out in December of this year. Good luck with that! Sigh.

I will be away this weekend with no access to writing because I still don't have a laptop. So, I will be bringing one of the Bay City Paranormal books with me to read. At least the fangirl in me will be satisfied.

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