Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Review Thoughts

Speaking of reviews, so far I have been pretty lucky with the reviews I have received on my releases. I know that can change any time. I know there are writers who refuse to even look at their reviews. I’ve had a couple of so-so reviews. One wasn’t all that bad, though, I don’t think the reviewer really understood the story. The other was a mostly good review with just some rather odd comment about being unsatisfied but with no real explanation as to why.

Other than that my reviews so far for my various releases have been highly positive. You always worry a bit when you open the review. Or at least I do. Are they going to like it or hate it? I haven’t run into any “hates it” reviews yet.

I admit I am really rather sensitive to criticism for my writing. I understand you have to learn to develop a thick skin, but I don’t think I ever have and I have been writing for years. Back in the days when I was still entering contests this was a big problem for me. Anyone not completely wowed by my sparkling writing…well it stung. Badly. I’ve come to the recent realization I just don’t have the thick skin for contests. I was a giant failure in writing contests for the most part. I have a clean, crisp non-flowery way of writing that you either really appreciate or think isn’t detailed enough and needs much more. I used to get a lot of judges in the latter category.

Anyway, fortunately I have editors now who appreciate my style. Good, because I will never be able to write like Anne Rice. Of course, it filled me with delighted amusement when one of my reviews for Duke’s Project mentioned something about loving the details I wove through the story. Me detailed? To be truthful Duke’s Project is likely my most-described book. Probably why it is the longest I have ever written at over 90,000 words too.

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