Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No 2008 RWA Conference For Me

So I'm sad that I can't go to the RWA Conference in San Francisco next week. I really wanted to go the next time it was in California, but it's just too much money. The problem with San Francisco is it is probably the most expensive city in an already expensive state. I had to make the difficult decision that I just couldn't afford it, but I am sad. I haven't been in three consecutive years now.

The thing about the RWA Conference is it's just a great experience. It's hard to explain for those writers who haven't been able to go to one but you get such a feeling of excitement. I love all the workshops and the going around with your name tags and totes and you feel just as important as all the other writers there. I've been to three of them now. The first one was a long time ago (1998) in Anaheim, California. The next was a few years ago in New York and my last one was in Reno four conferences ago.

I doubt I will get to go to the one next year in DC. Ellora's Cave is planning a conference next year, their first ever, and I'd like to go to that and I don't think I can manage two conferences in one year.

Anyway, I can hope for Nashville in 2010. I've been to the hotel in Nashville the conference is at. It's the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and it is amazing. I went there in November 2002 or 2003 (can't remember now) for a friend's event and they had already decorated it for Christmas and it was just something out of a fairytale.

If I can't make it to that one I am going to San Diego for sure.

I feel left out as my fellow writers go to this year's conference. There are many flaws to RWA and I think you make what you get out of it and many should stop expecting some sort of miracle out of it (it's just a writer's organization folks, it really cannot make your career), but the conference is not one of them. It's a great experience and I have loved each and every one of them.

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