Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008

What's New For Me:

So I got my edits from my editor for Another Chance over the weekend. Not too much really. A few word changes, restructuring of sentences and changing the name of one of the characters because the name was too famous as a real person from the time. Anyway, I've already completed them. I'll go through and review once more to make sure I caught everything and then send it back to her tonight. Of course then I will have to choose my blurb and excerpt. Eventually I will get a release date. Then the final line edits. Shouldn't be too bad. So I hope within a month or so to know when my first Ellora's Cave title will be released. I am pretty excited.

Reality is beginning to set in and I have to get to work on my PAX collection titles. The first one up is A Knight For All. I started it already but now I need to get fully into it.

This is a big month for me as I have a release from Amber Allure for The Squire.

What I Am Reading Now:

I've become a fan-girl of Ally Blue's Bay City Paranormal series from Samhain. I've read the first two in the series and am just starting the third. I've purchased the fourth to read when I am finished with that. She has a fifth one coming in November to look forward to also. They are fascinating books with really interesting characters. My only objection is that it is all from one character's point of view although thankfully not in first person as I don't really like much in first person. Anyway, I highly recommend the series. They contain, of course, a gay romance between the main character and another character from the book and I really like both characters very much.

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