Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 28, 2009

Today I posted as Shawn Lane on the Amber Quill Author's Blog. Check it out if you get the chance: Amber Heat & Amber Allure Authors

I'm done with Perfect Man on my end. Now I just wait for a release date and the final line edits. I expect the release date to be in January 2009, but we will see.

I think once I am done with Trust and have it sent off to my editor for consideration, my next Ellora's Cave story might be It's Only Make Believe. Yes, I am thinking I will need a hot man/woman story next.

Last night when I lay awake unable to sleep I started thinking of how I wanted the Duke of Scarborough to be in Lower Pennington where Jack and Angela are. Of course that means Lucy being there. I want to work with my quirky little town again. So now I just have to think of a reason Lucy and Scarborough would be there. I played little scenes in my head of them while they were there, but there has to be a legitimate reason for them. Lucy is easy enough. But Scarborough...he is a different story. Anyway, they come up next for Cerridwen Press. I want to get the full story done and sent to my editor by early 2009. Then maybe there is a chance of Summer 2009 for it to be released (if it is accepted, of course).

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