Friday, June 27, 2008

I think I can officially stop stalking my email from a response from Samhain. I looked on their site and they said something about 12-14 weeks is their response time so I am guessing I am looking at September/October before I get word one way or another. No sense wondering when the email will come then, eh?

Plans for the weekend include getting the blurb and excerpt done for Perfect Man and sent back to my editor. Tweaking the blurb and excerpt for The Prisoner also. The blurb I developed doesn't quite say "read me" and that is what I want. The excerpt I picked is three pages too long so I have to rethink that or pick something decent in those pages. I also need to work on really getting a lot down on A Knight For All. I know I keep saying that, but really the Independence Day holiday is coming up very fast, relatives visiting at the end of July for two weeks, life doesn't stop because you need to write.

Don't forget I am blogging as Shawn Lane on Amber Quill's Author Blog tomorrow!

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