Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008

So just a couple of days until The Squire is released. My first title under the Shawn Lane name and my first release from Amber Allure. Should be cheap too! I think the download will be on sale for $3.00.

Next Thursday, Duke Pretender is released from Cerridwen Press.

That is my last Cerridwen Press release until I can write Julian's story as the third duke book (and get them to want to publish it of course). Again, I hope to fully concentrate on it (well semi-fully) in the fall. It will mean putting aside the boys for a bit.

I go the entire month of July with no releases and then have a release in both August and September. And then my final releases for 2008 will be November for Ellora's Cave (Stone of Wrath) and A Knight For All in December for Amber Allure (provided I get my act together and write it, of course).

Everything else goes into 2009.

Stalking my emails, of course. Stupid, I know. I only sent my full of Sinful to Samhain last weekend. There is simply no way she will have read it and made a decision that soon. In fact, it is far more likely I can expect to wait all the way until the end of the summer before I hear one way or another. So really I am torturing myself for no good reason and should stop checking my emails in the morning before I leave the house!

I have a birthday party to attend on Sunday but am hoping to get work done on A Knight For All this weekend.

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