Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy Times

Got my contract stuff for The Prisoner. As well as the comments from the reader my editor used. Basically most of her comments were complimentary. She said she was confused at first with the timeline but was able to get it fairly well eventually. She really liked the characters and thought my love scenes were very well done. LOL. That was kind of funny. I think I have mostly improved on that since I wrote The Prisoner. Nice to hear anyway. I guess the reader fills out a form provided by WRP and one of the questions is do you think WRP ought to offer a contract for this story and she said yes and another was would you be interested in reading other stories written by this author and she said yes to that as well. So, anyway, there you have it. I signed the contract, just have to mail it out and then do the rest of the paperwork (cover request, blurb, excerpt, etc). I can get that all done when my editor says they have logged in the contract.

As noted last night, I have a release date for Another Chance. This will be my first Ellora's Cave release. I'm pretty excited about it, but they have scheduled it in September which leads me to believe Perfect Man and Wanting Sam will both be pushed to 2009 releases. Stone of Wrath, my birthstone book, has to be released in November so they won't be able to schedule anything between Another Chance and Stone of Wrath. So I am guessing I can expect Perfect Man to maybe have a January release date and Wanting Sam in March perhaps? I guess it remains to be seen. I still want to get Trust done and out to Helen this summer but I have oodles of work to do on it first and little time!

I've completed a chapter on The Other Side for Amber Allure. I've pretty much plotted this one out in my mind and know where I am going with it so that is good. It doesn't have to be done until October, but I have a feeling I will have it done well before that. Still working on A Knight For All but it is slow going. I don't generally read menage stories so not sure what possessed me to write one. A challenge for myself I guess. I still have until August, though I'd rather have it done and off to Trace sooner than that. Haven't started At Long Last yet but have ideas for that as well, so it should be okay when I get around to starting it. I don't have to have it completed until September so I may sneak in quite a bit of work on Trust in the meantime.

When I will get to become fully engrossed in the third duke book is any one's guess. Probably fall. Once I get the three Amber Allure books in and Trust off to my EC editor. Then I will force myself to put aside the boys for a while to work on the duke book. So...October-November, maybe?

Somewhere I have to find time to read Twilight, the third book in the Bay City Paranormal series by Ally Blue.

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