Monday, May 5, 2008

My Toughest Critic

So most people probably think it's no big deal nor particularly surprising when your mother likes your book. She's your mother, she's bound to like anything you do.

Not so my mother. My mother reads a lot of romances. I think she spends probably more than $500 a year on romances. In fact, it's probably much, much more than that. She has her favorites whom she buys every book they write. And occasionally she reads a new author.

Anyway, I knew she would buy a copy of Duke's Project. She might not be the most supportive mother on the planet, but I knew she would go as far as to purchase it. But she is no warm fuzzy mom who will tell me I am wonderful no matter what. Trust me.

So I was very pleased when she called me Friday and said she really enjoyed it and was looking forward to Jack's book, Duke Pretender, when it comes out in late June. My sister has now said since my mother liked it so much she will have to read it herself for sure.

So anyway...I was happy my mother liked it. She really is the typical reader of romance.

And finally, I am determined to finish Unexpected this week.

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