Saturday, May 3, 2008

The End of a Contest Junkie

So I'm winding down on Unexpected. Just one more chapter to go I think and then I will tackle that synopsis. I'm pleased with the work so far.

What comes next? I am not sure, really. I'm still considering. I thought of returning to Sinful but I am not entirely sure I'm feeling in the mood for medievals right now. Which is another reason I am not sure I will be working on Sorcerer's Lover next. Maybe I will work on "Trust" after all. Hmmm.

So my contest pain is over for good. Well, okay, unless I someday enter the RITA contest, but I have no such plans at this point and don't know that I ever will. I don't do well in writing contests and I am done with them! It'll save me money and pain.

I used to enjoy entering them, but those days are over. Have been for a while really and I am not sure why I continued to enter them. I guess I kept hoping to somehow get a miracle and final and get in front of my dream editor.

Of course all my contest entering over the years wasn't a total loss. I did win a publishing contract from Amber Quill for The Squire.

Not only am I done entering them, I am also done judging them. I've done more than my fair share over the years and I am burned out on them. It has become difficult for me to even get through an entry and I don't think that is fair to those that are entering. They deserve someone who wants to be judging and that is not me.

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