Monday, April 21, 2008

We Interrupt Your Regulalry Scheduled Programming

I'm sad today. Nothing related to writing.

I knew it was coming, or I figured it was anyway, but when it actually comes...sigh. I don't like to get into too personal things for the most part. I try to keep my private life separate from the writing life. Even in my bios provided to my publisher I keep the private stuff private.

But today someone very close to me was laid off after more than 20 years. It's tough to be laid off ever not to mention when practically your entire working life has been spent at one place. I was laid off by the same company after 15 years in 2002. I feel not unlike that now facing a similar situation. It took me a year to find another job and that job was a temp job before I finally got hired where I work now.

It's happening all over the country of course, but this one directly affects me. Two years ago when we bought our townhouse it probably seemed like our jobs were safe enough to do such a huge step. You never know what's coming two years later obviously. You would have made different choices then if you had known what was coming only two years later. But when you get to be our age (40s) without ever owning anything you start to feel restless and you take the chance. Not knowing the housing market would collapse right after and not knowing this about the job. So with the layoff comes a severance package. Which is more than some get, I know. But the inevitable questions come up as to whether we'll be able to keep our home. I don't know and it's scary. Especially living in high price California where we were both born and raised and love.

Anyway...back to your regularly scheduled programming and I will stick to writing/publish relating blogs next time I post.

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