Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Support from Family and Friends

Do you have it? It's important, I think, but most of us get it in varying degrees.

My S.O. is very supportive. Couldn't ask for more.

But what about the rest of my friends and family? For years I refused to even tell my mother I wrote because I was sure she wouldn't be supportive. She reads romances but she has never been particularly supportive to any of her children. But to my surprise she has been supportive of my endeavors.

My sister is another story. Probably my closest family member yet she is not supportive. She doesn't read much and definitely never romances. It's interesting given most movies she likes have romances in them. But anyway, she has not been supportive. When I mentioned my mother would not want to read on the computer but she could print it out for my mother to read she refused, saying she would not waste her toner on such a task. Bad enough, but then last week when I told them at dinner that I had received another contract offer she actually said to me, thinking she was amusing, "Do they actually read them or do they just accept anything?" Very hurtful and not at all supportive.

My friends are mostly supportive. Some of them don't read and have no plans to do so just because I have become published. But I appreciate their trying.

What about you? Are you a writer or an artist or want to do something not necessarily the norm? Are you supported?

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