Friday, April 18, 2008

To Make It a Week

I debated whether to write an entry in the blog today. So far this week I've written one every day. Of course at this point I think the only ones reading it are me and my critique partner and an occasional slammer. Even PD doesn't read it on a regular basis. Okay probably never.

But who knows someday when I get readers they might read my blog and might even possibly read some of the archived entries. Even years from now I can look back and see where my career was at that time.

Fairly soon I will be returning to novel length works in progress. I have two novellas to finish. One I expect to be over 18,00 words and that is an interracial erotic contemporary romance called, Unexpected. The other is a gay medieval erotic paranormal (too many genres there perhaps). Not sure the length on that one but likely under 20,000 words. I have publishers in mind already for both so when they are completed and polished as best I can (and I am not entirely sure I always polish as best as I can. I find mistakes I should have corrected all the time after the fact), I will send them off. And wait. Which we have already established I am terrible at. Oops, ended a sentence with a preposition there. Naughty!

Then it is a return to novels when my vacation is over. I leave Memorial Day week and don't return until June 08th. Going off to a lovely beach town called Depoe Bay in Oregon for a few days and then back down to wine country in Northern California, Windsor to be exact, for a few more. Since I am using up all my work vacation days and then some it will be a while before I can take any more time off.

Sinful, Redemption, First You Die, Morton's book, Scarborough's book...where she stops nobody knows. Actually I wrote a teensy, teensy bit of Scarborough's book today. Only a page really. Something I wanted to get down while inspiration hit me. A bit darker and depressing than my original vision of the book, but I have begun to see that I can't really make the original version work to the satisfaction of the publisher I plan to target with it so thus I will be changing it. How I will get the hero from dark rage and despair to the heroine's arms...I have no clue. I am a seat-of-the-pants plotter so figuring it out ahead of time rarely works for me.

For instance in Sinful I thought I knew the characters and their roles yet by the end of the book I was struggling not to let Graham take over from the real hero, Matthias. And an old, weak patsy of a character turned into a young, tortured magical soon-to-be heroic character, Morton.

Even when I started the novella I just got offered a contract for (details coming soon) I only had vague ideas and it took shape and changed even as I typed the pages.

Anyway, I have rambled on already probably more than I ought considering I don't have readers and wasn't even sure I would blog today.

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