Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Week to Go

I do seem chatty this week.

One week to go until my first book is released. Duke's Project comes out a week from today from Cerridwen Press. Not too bad considering it was less than a year ago that I was offered the contract. Somewhere I have the information, but I want to say it was April or May 2007 when I first sent my initial query and partial to Cerridwen. I know the full was requested at the beginning of September and the contract offered on the last day of September. The contract was signed by the end of October. So here we are in April and it is about to be released!

It went through some changes in the editing process. All books do and should, frankly. But the core intent of Duke's Project has remained. I don't remember exactly when I began to write it. I do know it started out with the hero as a marquis before I promoted him to duke. I also know I finished it in 2002. Yes, that long ago. It was the first book I had ever finished. I was so proud of that then. It is still the longest book I have ever written, too, coming in at 90,000 words or so now with the changes made.

I had such a good time writing Simon, my hero from the book. I made him part alpha, part beta. I think the heart of him is alpha, he wants to be in charge, it's his nature. I have a great fondness for Simon because he is the hero of the first book I completed. I'm a hero writer, really. I think heroines are very important (unless I am writing about two heroes, of course), but I think I always pay just a tad bit more attention to my heroes. Although, I think of all my heroines, Dani is the most interesting, the most unique.

I never thought when I finished that book back in 2002 that it wouldn't be published until 2008. And then at one time I wasn't sure it would be published at all.

Anyway, I couldn't be more thrilled that Duke's Project has bumped all the way up to the lead position on the coming soon page of Cerridwen Press. And it is fitting that it is my debut novel having been the first. I can't wait for next Thursday!

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