Friday, April 4, 2008

Random Musings

I was reading some erotic romances from some of the e-publisher that were interracial and I was really enjoying them. So when I thought in the back of my wee sponge like brain to write them myself that is what I first thought of. Then my good friend and critique partner, Ava March, talked me into trying to write male/male erotic romances, which I was also reading and enjoying. At first I didn't believe I could but decided to go for it when Amber Qull was having their erotic romance contest for a publishing contract. I decided not to use my real name for the erotic romances because certain family members would never understand. There are some friends who are aware of my writings under the Shawn Lane name but my family is better off being clueless.
I was surprised when I actually won the Amber Quill contest (one of seven) and I haven't looked back since under this name which brings me to...

2) Different kinds of stories - I've sold three of my regular romances now and I am crossing my fingers that I will soon have another contract offer to report on that front. I finished the first draft of my medieval paranormal, Sinful, and hope to have it ready for querying some time this summer. I am going to begin the process with agents first before I go to publishers. I am about a 1/4 way into the sequel, Redemption, which I need to get back to because I really love Graham,
my hero. Not to mention his sidekick and soon to be his own hero, Morton. I also have many, many other partial stories I could work on at any time.

But the thing of it is I am having such fun and such success lately with my erotic romances that I find myself much more interested in working on them than my more "mainstream" stuff. I have now been offered contracts on three erotic stories, one of which will be released in June (Amber Allure-The Squire). I am waiting to hear on another story I finished and submitted and I am now back to working on Unexpected, my m/f interracial erotic romance.

Anyway...I've bored enough folks today with my random musings

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