Monday, March 24, 2008

Day From Hell

Absolutely a sucky day.

Stopped by the post office on the way to take the bus into work to mail out some contract stuff. That's what I get for being anxious. Coming out of the post office and going to make a left turn onto the street to take me down to the bus stop I made my left turn too wide and hit a curb. Hard. Not hard enough to pop one of my new tires but hard enough to swing me into the next lane where I had to get control of the car before some one came along and hit me or I hit them. Thank God THAT didn't happen.

So I continued driving to the bus, but I could tell things were not right with the car. Steering was off and it squealed especially going into turns. Sigh. I made an appointment to have it fixed tomorrow and I am absolutely dreading the cost. I am planning on having it towed to the mechanic because I am afraid it is a bent tie rod or something expensive and major like that.

So when I get home tonight that is what I will be having done. I will be having my car towed to the mechanic to be fixed tomorrow. I was supposed to go to jury duty this week too so I postponed that until April.

But sheesh. I can never get a break. Stupid, stupid, stupid

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