Friday, November 30, 2007

Not So Happy Friday

So sometimes life gives you lemons and you can't always make lemonade.

A radio station I've listened to for a while now decided to let one half of their morning team go. They've been a team for 22 years. of them is gone, just like that. And of course they chose to let go of the woman. It was sad and a very depressing way to begin the morning.

It very much reminded me of what a television station here in Los Angeles did a few years ago. As most know we do the Rose Parade every New Year's Day. This station had a paif of hosts doing the show for years, Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks. One year they got rid of Stephanie and replaced her with a much younger and supposedly more attractive female. I think Bob's contract was up last year so it is doubtful he will be back. Too old.'s rainy today and the news about the layoffs and the mortgages is all quite depressing. At least it is Friday.

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