Friday, November 9, 2007

Joining a critque group and sending off partials

Okay so...I pretty much quit writing. I couldn't decide which of my 10 partials to work on and the four books I finished "seemed" to be dead in the water. So I wrote nothing. I seriously considered giving up. I obviously just didn't have it in me.

I was still the contest chair for Hearts Through History's contest and since I had to maintain my membership I did. I went a couple of years like this. Once in a while I would send one of partials to a contest to see if I would get a decent reaction. Nope.

Dire predictions of where historicals were going (all bad places of course)

So, then this last spring I decided to join the critique group Hearts Through History had going. had to choose a book to work on there, didn't I? I decided to concentrate on one that involved a medieval knight and a relic. I also decided to make it a paranormal with wizards and magic and good vs evil. In the meantime, while I worked on my 5th book (which I DID finish), something possessed me to send some of my completed books to other publishers again.

I sent off first Duke Pretender to Cerridwen Press for their Cotillion line which was supposed to be a traditional Regency. Duke Pretender wasn't a traditional per se, but I had made it that way to try other publishers earlier. my electronic partial went. I also sent them a partial for a medieval for their historical line, but they weren't particularly interested in medievals so they told me no. They said they were interested in Duke Pretender though and would refer it on to an editor for consideration. This was in May/June.

I sent the medieval to Wild Rose Press and got a request for a partial on that as well and eventually a full request (more on that in a future post) but this was all around the same time.

On a whim, I sent The Duke's Project in to Cerridwen. I still loved this story and my characters though admittedly it had been some time since I had written it. I was thrilled to receive an email saying they were referring it also to an editor. And now I saw down to wait.

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