Monday, November 12, 2007

And then on September 30th... September comes and nearly goes. The evening of September 29, 2007 I went to a church auction. It was fun. They have them every other year at my sister's church and so I enjoy going. I always manage to bid on something and I think I have won at least one basket from the silent auction every year. But I digress...

Sunday, September 30, 2007, I sign on to my email account to check my mail like I do most every weekend morning. I'm a bit of an email/internet junkie. In among my usual writing related yahoo groups and junk emails are notes from the editor who requested my fulls of Duke's Project and Duke Pretender. There are two notes each with the subject line from one of my mss. Ugh, I think. Here it is. The think I had been dreading. Sheesh it didn't even take the full 30 days she said it would take to reject me. Sigh.

I ignore the two emails as best I can and open the rest of the emails in my inbox or delete them or report them as spam. I consider pouring myself another cup of coffee. I stare at the unopened emails. I decide to open the one for Duke Pretender because I think to myself okay, if there is anything nice she has to say in the rejections it would be for this one because I just love Jack and every rejection I have gotten for him has nice things to say about the characters, anyway.

I read the words...pleased to offer you a contract. WHAT! Okay, so my heart starts racing and I stumble over the email reading it and sure enough it still says "offer you a contract" to publish Duke Pretender.

Okay...bravely I open the other one regarding Duke's Project thinking well the offer of a contract will certainly make the sting out of this rejection a little better. To my glee, the same lovely words popped out at me, "pleased to offer you a contract". I then proceeded to notify everyone I know, of course, LOL.

In reality I have read those emails several times now just to "make sure". These are my babies you know? I created these people and their worlds and their problems and their love. Someone wants to publish them.

I was afraid I would end up like Lucy from the old episode I think titled "Lucy Writes a Book" where she gets a publishing advance and then the publisher comes to her door and explains it was all a mistake. I kept waiting to receive the email from Cerridwen saying, oh wait, NOT YOU.

Big relief...I haven't! It's been a month and a half since then and I have signed the contracts and so have they! I submitted my cover art requests. It really is going to happen. And it is amazing.

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