Monday, February 6, 2012

What's New

So what have I been up to as you can see over there in the side bar I have only one “coming soon’ listed.

I’ve been writing. I am about half done or so with a new story unrelated to anything I’ve written so far. It’s still M/M. Once it is finished, it will be out there in publishing land to find it’s home. I’ve really liked writing this story and this character. And I hope once he is out there available you all will enjoy reading him.

Because my concentration has been on that story for more than a month, I don’t have anything else ready to go. I think I did mention that I will likely have less releases this year and that’s definitely how it’s playing out so far.

I do intend to tackle Sutter’s Bay 4 once I am done with the story I am writing and it’s been sent out. I’ll write that one straight through before beginning something else as well. Don’t have any idea how long it will take me to write it, but I would guess it won’t be out until late spring early summer.

I have a deadline book due September 01 and that sounds pretty far away right now, but once Sutter’s Bay 4 is finished, that will be the book I turn to because I don’t want to be rushing to finish it when August rolls around.

But as you can see I am not rushing out stories at the moment. My household will feel the pinch believe me, but at this point where I am, this is what I need to do writing-wise. I also already know what I will work on after the fairytale story due September 01. It’s quite possible I will only manage to write 4 stories this year. Shocking coming from me who once had like 13 releases in one year.

It also explains why I do way less posting on here than I once did. How many times can you say, oh, still writing this. I have seen what's going on in the blogsphere and romance writing world including the RWA stuff, but I have been mostly quiet on websites and the like lately. I rarely go onto goodreads and other sites I used to frequent.

There you have 2012 so far for me.


  1. As long as you're happy and doing ok... :)

  2. I'm really liking what you're working on right now, too :)