Monday, July 5, 2010

Still Plugging Away

So I finished another chapter on Twice in a Lifetime today. It's already July 5th though and I thought I'd try and get this done by the 15th. That's only 10 days and I'm wondering if I will make it. I think not at the moment. Oh, well, anyway I'm pretty sure I'll be done sometime this month.

The best part of today is I didn't have to work.

Have a good week


  1. That was the best part of my day, too!

    Go, Shawn!

  2. Think positive! You can do it! :) ...if you want to, that is. If the book feels like it needs time to write itself, then maybe it does. I'm not much of a cheerleader, am I? LOL

  3. Hang in there hon - almost finished..


  4. Yep, getting quite close now, lol