Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kevin's Free Independance Holiday Story

I promised to do another free story starring Kevin Flahety (Car Wash) since I know many of my readers are fans of his. So withour further ado. Happy 4th for my American readers.

“You’re awfully quiet over here.” Kevin Bennett approached the corner of his backyard where his friend, Noah Riggins, sat sipping a beer in an Adirondack chair. Wearing jean shorts and a white t-shirt splashed with glittery fireworks, he plopped down in the cushy, flowered lawn chair he’d brought over with him. “Anything wrong?”

Noah smiled and shook his head, his gaze steady on the laughing crowd of people under the patio and splashing in the pool. “Nah, just thinking.”

Kevin raised an eyebrow and took a sip of his Bahama Mama through a pink straw. “That could be dangerous. You’re not having trouble with Charlie, are you?”

“No, he’s always on his best behavior since he’s convinced all my friends hate him.”

He laughed. “Well, honestly, at first I didn’t think much of him.”

Noah nodded and shifted in the chair. “I know. The slycat days.”

“Yep. You were so miserable you went out with me.” Kevin laughed again, his eyes straying briefly to Michael across the yard. His husband had a captive audience of his parents and their friends that came with them to their summer pool party. They appeared to be hanging on his every word. “You even danced with that guy…oh, lord, what was his name?”

“Minstrel.” Noah grinned and finished his beer. “What an idiot. ‘My name is Minstrel. Let me make your body sing.’ Worse pick up line ever.”

“What is with these men and their fake names? Raphael.”

His friend laughed. “Do you ever hear from him anymore? I know you saw him near Christmas.”

“No, thank God. Hon, the further he stays away from me, the better. I don’t know what I ever saw in him.”

“Well, he did have a big dick,” Noah reminded him.

“There is that. Getting back to Charlie, I didn’t like the way he hurt you. You were so into him.” Kevin shook his head at the memories. Back then he had a bit of a crush on Noah and resented Charlie even more.

“I know. But everything worked out for the best, don’t you think? You do like him now, right?”

Noah sounded so worried, Kevin answered right away rather than teasing him. “I love him, Noah. I think he’s fantastic. The two of you are so perfect.”

Noah smiled, reached over and squeezed his hand. “Thanks. I feel the same about you and Michael.”

“We’ve always been perfect for each other. It just took him longer to figure it out than it did me.” Kevin sighed. “Twelve years old and just figuring out I was gay and I had to fall for Danny’s brother. God, I can’t tell you how many times, even then, I tried to get his attention. Just a dumb kid.”

“What was he then? Eighteen?”

“Yup.” Kevin hitched his legs up onto the chair and wrapped his arms around his knees. “His family used to have parties like this and I’d totally be gawking at him in his swim trunks. One time he wanted a soda and I practically broke his mother’s arm trying to take it from her so I could give it to him.”

“Man, you did have it bad.”

“You don’t know the half of it, hon. So, there he was sitting in a chair under an umbrella, minding his own business, and here comes this idiotic preteen. I tripped over my own two feet and spilled the soda all over him.”

Noah laughed. “Oh, my God, I would have loved to see that.’

“I about died of embarrassment. It’s no wonder it took me until I was fifteen to swear my undying love to him.” Kevin winced, the old teenaged pain rearing its head for a second. He sighed. “Enough about me. Why are you thinking here anti-social like?”

“Okay, I’ll go mingle. I think I see Charlie looking uncomfortable talking to your neighbor anyway.” Noah rose from the chair. He tilted his head toward Kevin’s drink. “Need another one?”

“I’m good, thanks.” Kevin watched Noah head for Charlie and leaned back in his lounge chair, closing his eyes for just a second. He opened one eye when he felt a familiar hand on his bare knee. “Hey.”

Michael smiled from the chair just vacated by Noah. “Hey, yourself. You look tired.”

“I am. When do you suppose they’ll all leave?”

“Getting tired of playing the host with the most?”

Kevin sighed. “A little.”

“Is this the time I get to remind you this shindig was your idea?”

He raised an eyebrow at him. “No.”

Michael chuckled. “Anyway, it’s the 4th, no one will leave for hours. They’ll stay for the fireworks.”

He finished his drink and set it down on the cement next to his chair. “Remember last 4th?”

“Of course. I asked you to marry me.”

“Best day of my life. Or one of them anyway.” Kevin got up from the lounge and sat across Michael’s lap instead. His husband didn’t seem to mind, he wrapped his arms around Kevin’s middle. “Noah and I were talking.”

“Uh-oh. Should I be worried?”

“Nah. I was thinking about when I spilled the soda on you.”

Michael frowned. “You did? When?”

“You were eighteen.”

“Oh. Sweetheart, I can barely remember last week, let alone then,” Michael teased.

“I was such a geek.” He rolled his eyes. “No wonder you didn’t want me.”

“We’re not going through that again, are we?”

“No.” Kevin leaned his head on Michael’s shoulder. “’Cause I have you now.”

Michael kissed his forehead. “You definitely do. So, what else were you guys talking about?”

“I don’t know. He seemed kinda depressed.”

“Trouble in paradise?”

“He said no.” Kevin shook his head. “Far be it from me to interfere.”

Michael made a sort of strangled laugh sound.

Kevin pulled back and glared at him. “Have you got something to say, Michael?”

“No, of course not, angel.”

Kevin’s lips twitched. “I thought not.” He snuggled into Michael again. “If you ever had a problem with me, you’d say so, right?”

Michael’s arms tightened around him. “I’ll never have a problem with you, sweetheart. I worship you.”

“I know, but if you did, you would, right?”

“Yes, and I would expect the same of you.”

Kevin laughed. “I don’t think you’d have to worry about me telling you if I had a problem with you.”

“Yeah, you’re not exactly shy.”

“This is nice, but I guess I should go make sure everyone is happy.”

Michael sighed against his hair. “Just a few more minutes.”

“I love you, you know,” Kevin whispered. “More than anything in the world.”

“I know, I love you, too. I don’t know what I’d ever do without you.”

He smiled and reluctantly straightened. “What happened to the sparkle?”

Michael frowned. “Sparkle?”

“I put gold glitter in your hair. Did you wash it out?”

Michael attempted to look innocent. “Of course not.”

“You did so! That’s it.” He stood up and tugged on Michael’s hand until he too was standing. “Come with me. I’ll fix you.”


“I’ve got red, white and blue glitter, too. I’m going to douse you with it.”


  1. Such sweet guys! Thanks for letting us see them again.

  2. Aww, this was so sweet! I can't believe I still have this one sitting in my TBR. I definitely need to read it now. Thanks :)

  3. Thanks Lily. I hope you enjoy Car Wash when you read it.

  4. Thanks for the 4th of July treat, Shawn!

  5. Thank you, Shawn. Always nice to visit with K and M but was is going on with poor Noah. He is usually just as happy and go lucky as K. Are you planning a free short for them or possibly a sequel? Curious minds.

  6. Sorry curious. I have no answer for that, lol

  7. How could you not love Kevin...

    He is just the best... even on a slow day...

    Thanks Shawn...Lovely of you to take the time to give us this short even with your busy schedule.



  8. Kevin is truly a fun character to write.

  9. :(, Noah? I think my baby needs a hug (and a follow up).