Sunday, May 9, 2010

My God...Back to Work

Not really much to report for Monday. I am up to almost 10,000 words on The Beach House, though. Go me! It's got quite a ways to go on it though. Still I'll make the deadline. I actually got about 1,000 words done while on vacation.

In another couple of weeks, Only In His Heart comes out. So NEXT Monday, I'll start the contest.

Hope everyone has a good week. I predict the evil day job will be insufferable this week since I'll be catching up.


  1. Playing catch-up at the EDJ sucks!! But kissing pretties are very good ;)

  2. Returning to work after a vacation is rough - hang in there!

  3. Thanks ladies. Yeah those little twink boys are cute and sweet.

  4. Good luck with the EDJ. It is so annoying having to come back after a vacation.

    Love the kissing pic!

  5. Te amo indeed! :) Thanks for the sweet.

    You had fun and got some writing done, that's awesome! What a smack in the face reality can be on Monday mornings, though. I can relate even though it's been many years since my last EDJ.

  6. Thanks for the eye candy. Welcome back!

  7. Coming back to work after a vacation is never a fun thing.
    Welcome back!

  8. Keep banging away at it hon - you'll get there in the end..

    I am looking forward to your next release..