Monday, August 24, 2009

Progress is Made

After a not so successful weekend, I am making decent progress today on Ticket to Ride. I've got close to 1,000 words done and that's just on a break and lunch at the EDJ. Pretty cool. I'm hoping tonight I can finish up the chapter.

I broke the 15,000 word mark too so I think by the time it's finished it will officially be novella length. I figure I have 2-3 chapters left. Can I finish it off by September 01? Um, well, I don't know, honestly. That's just a week away. But if not by then, not too many days after.

I can already see a sequel to these two, Chad and Jack, coming in the future. Thankfully if it does come down to a sequel it won't be until spring 2010. I have way too much to write now to even think of it now.

When this is over, I think in the last few months of this year (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec), I can get maybe two stories done. One will be Twice in a Lifetime. This is the story of Jude, my rather flamboyant Englishman from September's release of Sweet Reunion. Jude is definitely insisiting he is next. Depending on how long Jude's story takes it is possible I can get to another story, but no promises, especially since I also plan on writing and posting the Christmas stories for my heroes in Pulling Away and Car Wash.

Still if Twice in a Lifetime ends up being the last book I write this year, I think I've had a very, very full year of releases and hopefully 2010 will bring many more.


  1. Congrats on your progress...

    You deserve a drink - as I don't drink I can offer Pepsi on the rocks or a nice cup of Earl Grey tea...

    Can't wait for the final prduct...


  2. MDSS,

    You know you'll be writing many more fabulous novels this year. I'm so proud of you! You've written your heart out, and entertained so many of us! Thank you for that, sweetie!

    Chad and Jack's story is going to be epic! ;-)

    Don't take too much time to relax, or I'll have to chain you to the computer, too! LMAO



  3. I'm not afraid of you, Shayster


  4. You have a fantastic imagination and style, and combined with a great work ethic, you are da bomb, baby!! Thanks for your fab 2009!