Sunday, June 2, 2019

June 2019 Update

Long time no post.

As you will see to the left my short story, The Nine Year Bar is coming out July 06, 2019. This is part of the celebration at JMS Books for publishing stories for nine years. You can expect several stories from authors at JMS Books using 'Nine" in some form or another. I hope you check out as many as possible. Should be fun.

I am currently finishing up a new novella for JMS Books coming out later this year with a Detective/Mystery theme. I have yet to come up with a title but it's set in Haydon Cliff, a city I used for my story, Unobtainable. I hope to submit it by next weekend.

Also, if I have not already announced this, The Naughty Ones, my Christmas elf story originally out several years ago when Silver Publishing was still in business, and then later, briefly, self-published, will be out this Christmas 2019 from JMS Books.

Finally this is Pride Month. Happy Pride.

Right now, JMS Books has a coupon code that can be used once this month for any purchases you make there.

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