Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First 2017 Post and Update on My Writing

Happy New Year.

I am sure by now most have heard about the debacle that was All Romance eBooks. I don’t know a single publisher willing to take her ten cents deal. I self-published a few free titles on there, but as a self-publisher, I am not owed any money. Through various publishers, I am though. I am, understandably, not optimistic.

I think Ellora’s Cave is officially gone now. They no longer have books listed on their site. Mine are gone too. Unfortunately they appear, at present, to be still available at Amazon. Maybe others. I haven’t checked. For your reference the titles there are Perfect Man, Trust, Another Chance, Stone of Wrath, and Wanting Sam.

Please don’t buy them on Amazon. I haven’t actually gotten paid any money from EC for over a year. They probably owe me a few hundred at this point, not too much, since the books were released years ago, but even still. I anticipate them coming down from there at some point also.
Supposedly I have the rights now, though I never got anything “official” from EC and I know I am not the only one. I am very proud of those books, especially Perfect Man, Trust and Another Chance. But in all honesty, I doubt they will ever see the light of day again. Hopefully you have a copy of those stories somewhere
I’m not really much into self-publishing to begin with. I still have some titles I got the rights back for with Amber Quill, and I have done exactly squat with a lot of them. I’m not sure I ever will. But I know for sure my old EC titles are dead and buried. Done.


As for all the rest, I can honestly say I have no idea if I will continue writing in 2017. I really loved my last release with Loose Id, California Dreaming, and thought it was a great story, but it didn’t sell very well, to be honest and I can’t deny I am extremely disappointed by that.

While I am still re-releasing some work with JMS Books and my experience there has been really positive, with all the unstableness in the industry and the stress it’s caused in me, I really am not sure where that leaves me. We shall see.            


  1. This breaks my heart. ARe did a number on so, so many excellent authors. I had pre-purchased Devotedly His from them...and was really looking forward to adding it to my collection. I was hoping to gather up the entire "His" series, as I am missing several. My heart goes out to you, and others like you, who have been so ridiculously screwed over; it not only hurts you, but it hurts those of us who look forward to experiencing your wonderful works. I have tried to get to your website, and it shows up with some odd foreign typeset; is there somewhere we can follow you to keep up to date? <3

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Ugh, I know readers got screwed too.
      As for Devotedly His, JMS Books are honoring pre-oders from ARe if you have the receipt. "
      WE WILL HONOR all pre-orders if the customer emails a copy of their receipt to admin@jms-books.com!"

      JMS Books will be re-releasing all my His books that I've written, which I think is through "I", Whether I will write any more after that remains to be seen.

      From JMS Books this is whhat she says:

      "You can buy our books directly from our website, if you want. You'll earn reward points for each purchase that can be used to discount future purchases. We accept PayPal and credit cards.

      All ebook files are in one ZIP file that is available for download when you buy it. If you're in the EU, we email the zipped book files to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

      You can also find all our books on the following sites:

      Apple iBookstore
      Barnes & Noble
      Google Play

      We add more from time to time, but these are the most popular sites!"

      I no longer have a website, so really any updates are on here. Thanks for asking though,and it really does stink about ARe

  2. LOVED!!California Dreaming luckily I bought it off LooseID - please, please don't give up heart I have I think almost all of your books and would not like to think you will be giving up writing.
    I also have tried going direct to your site and experienced the same as above, what looks like Japanese characters.....

    1. I honestly didn't realize I still had the link to my old website still listed here and for that I definitely apologize. I have removed it now (I think). I gave up the website some time ago because I found it too burdensome to update myself and the person who had been helping me was no longer able to do so.

      I'm glad you got California Dreaming off Loose Id. And I am glad to hear you loved it as I really loved it myself.

      I haven't made any decisions yet to completely give up, so no need to despair yet. It's just somewhere in the back of my mind right now.

      thanks so much for your support