Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Most Likely to Succeed offered contract

I thought about what to do with Most Likely to Succeed, one of my best selling novellas, and also one of my personal favorites. I considered paying to retain the cover and self-publishing it, but as I think I have said, I'm not yet ready to jump on the self-publishing bandwagon. Maybe at some point I will be. I still have a lot of orphaned stories with the closing of AQ.

Anyway, I decided, ultimately, to offer Most Likely to Succeed to Loose Id. They had already offered me a contract for At Long Last/Until the End of Time, and considering Most Likely to Succeed was one of the two other stories that made up the Lawyers in Love stories, it seemed natural to see of Loose Id wanted it as well.

And I am pleased to say they did. I have been offered a contract from Loose Id to republish Most Likely to Succeed.

That leaves Car Wash out of the three original Lawyers in Love tales. What to do with Car Wash which is still the favorite of many of my readers and holds a huge, huge soft spot for me. I don't know yet. So stay tuned.