Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Making a Wish is Available for Purchase (Pre-Order)

Making a Wish is available for Pre-Order over at Amber Quill.  

Here is the official blurb

As a kid, Astronomy professor Marty Brooks kept in touch with a pen pal who lived on the other side of the country. Eventually that pen pal stopped responding to Marty’s letters, which always ended with “Making a Wish” for Marty’s love of space.
Now, as adults, Marty and his brother are big fans of a series of famous Sci-Fi movies. They head to a convention for the movie franchise where they hope to meet the hot actors. Marty is especially interested in meeting an actor he knows is openly gay, but instead he bumps into the star of the movies, Sebastian Lookinland, who is gorgeous and not at all the snob Marty anticipated. They instantly connect and it’s obvious the attraction is mutual.
Before long, Marty learns the world really is small when Sebastian reveals he is actually the pen pal from all those years ago. The men instantly begin an affair, although Marty knows it will end when the convention does. But Sebastian isn’t ready to say goodbye and suggests they stay connected through texts, emails, and weekend get-togethers.
Marty can hardly refuse the offer since his heart is already engaged. Will he make a wish for the relationship to last for more than a few weeks?

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