Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quick Update and Mini-Contest

It's time for an update for anyone possibly paying attention.

I'm hard at work on edits for The Crush Revisited coming soon from Loose Id.  I'll update the blog when I have a release date, but my best guess is late summer. My best guess could be wrong! This my longest Shawn Lane book yet coming in around 34,000 words or so.

I also don't have a release date yet for Burning Love coming from Evernight Publishing but I do know it should in in June.  Once I've gone through my edits, I should be returning to work on Arresting Love which is a companion story of sorts to Burning Love.

I have lots to do later this year too including writing Lincoln Hill Book #2 (related to The Crush Revisted).

In the meantime, I've decided to do a mini-contest. Just so no one forgets I'm still here. Take a look at my website at www.authorshawnlane.com. You can find my book list of available titles there (please note one title, Beyond the Norm, is not available at this time). I'll give a free copy of any of my available ebooks to the first 5 people who email me at authorshawnlane@gmail.com with their format choice. The contest ends Thursday, May 23, at Midnight Pacfic time or when I announce that all the winners have received books, so get me that email soon.