Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Cover Love - Figuring it Out

Got my new cover from Evernight Publishing for my story, Figuring it Out, that releases on March 04, 2013. I think it is gorgeous. It's been chosen as an Editor's Pick by Evernight as well.

And here is the blurb for the story:

Gay, dramatic, and flamboyant, Avery Jennings first fell in love with Joe Gunderson back in their sophomore year of high school when Joe asked Avery to tutor him for an English Lit class. Avery didn't think he stood a chance with straight Joe and therefore hid his attraction to the handsome football player. When the tutoring ended, so did Avery's time with Joe. The years pass and both men go off to college. When Avery's boss at the diner introduces him to his new co-worker, he's shocked to come face-to-face with Joe.

Sometimes life brings someone back to you for a reason. Can Avery figure out what's between him and Joe before it's too late?