Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Autumn and Updates

I'm officially back writing. Okay, well, it wasn't entirely writing free. I did get Loving the Assistant done during my break. But I also got a lot of books read. I mean seriously. I finished three novels and two novellas. I think that's pretty good.

I'm in the process of writing Gratefully His, my next His story, which I hope to have out at the beginning of 2013.

Once that is done I will be working on a trilogy of related stories with the extreme possibility of a fourth sort of related pre-quel book. Mysterious, I know, but that's the best I can do as far as explinations for now. These stories promise to keep my writing very occupied for months to come.

Oh, and also, it's Amber Quill's 10th year. They are also having a contest in October for free books. The details were send via an email to newsletter recipients, I believe. But here they are:

Simply send an email to with the following information...

-- Enter the word "CONTEST" in the Subject line

-- And in the body of the email, enter your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS, along with the phrase "I LOVE AMBER QUILL PRESS BECAUSE ______" and fill in the blank. (for instance I LOVE AMBER QUILL PRESS BECAUSE THEY PUBLISH SHAWN LANE'S BOOKS, LOL)

What can you win?
-- Each day, Monday through Saturday, one of the contest entries will be selected at random and the winner will receive a free download of their choice!

-- Each Sunday in October, one of the entries will be selected at random and the winner will receive 10 free downloads of their choice!

That's 31 separate chances to win throughout the month of October, and all you have to do is send us a single email stating why you love Amber Quill Press. What could be simpler?

Next Monday, October 08th, begins Evernight Publishing's Birthday Blog Hop. I'll be participating along with 75 other authors, I think. I'll be giving away both Loving the Boss and Loving the Assistant. So check back in then.