Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Writing Vacation

So I’m on a writing vacation as I stated in a previous post. I am shortly going on a real vacation and another mini one in late September so the writing vacation extends to October 01.

How goes the writing hiatus? Well, to be honest I wrote a short story after my hiatus began. It’s called Loving the Boss and I sold it to Evernight Publishing for their Romance on the Go line. No the “Boss” isn’t Bruce Springsteen. It didn’t take up too much of my time to write and I had the idea and didn’t want to forget it. I have plans when the hiatus ends to write a story about a secondary character from Loving the Boss, too.

But now, I am officially writing free. I’ve been reading other people’s books. It’s funny how when you are a reader only you can completely enjoy a favorite author’s books without a critical eye. But when you are also a published writer yourself little things annoy you. Like one of my favorites in Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle. They are comfort reads for me. I always know I will be entertained by them. But there’s something she does in every book that now annoys me. “He thought” and “she thought” constantly pepper her books even though they are totally unnecessary in every context she uses them. I’m fairly certain as famous as she is she has complete control over her books and how much editing is done but that should be cut because it is really becoming distracting.

Besides reading, I have also been playing silly time management games on my computer. Silly thinks like how fast can you serve burgers before people get mad, that sort of thing. They amuse me. And very old Sega Genesis Role Playing games which I was able to buy as downloads from Amazon for like $2. Total nostalgia. And of course watching TV in the background while doing all this.

Anyway, I think my contest for One More Time has a few more days at Stumbling Over Chaos and now there is a contest up for Maybe This Time, here. No I really am not obsessed with having “time” in my titles. I don’t really know how that happened, it just did. Heaven knows it’s hard enough coming up with titles for books.