Thursday, May 17, 2012

One More Time finds a home

Earlier this year I spent a great deal of time focusing on writing a novella that was a bit of a departure for me. I mentioned it vaguely a few times on the blog. Basically, I wrote a mm contemporary in first person. This story I named One More Time. I’ve never written in first person and I never thought I would. It’s not my favorite. For some reason though this story seemed to fit that point of view and by the time I finished it I was very happy. I think it’s some of the best writing I’ve done in a while.

Anyway, after finishing it, I carefully crafted a query letter and a synopsis, which I really hate, but I did it, and sent it off to publishers for a decision.

I’ve been stalking my email for a response and recently that stalking has paid off as Loose Id offered me a contract for, One More Time. It’s a great feeling to open your inbox and see such a thing of beauty!

Anyway, I have accepted the offer, obviously,  and the contract has been signed and is about to be mailed off by me, so once all the legal stuff gets done, I am sure I will be tackling edits with my editor. I believe at this point it is tentatively scheduled for some time in the fall but that is subject to change since I don't even have the signed by all parties contract in hand yet. This is my first story with them and I am pretty excited. Hopefully this is the start of some exciting things between me and Loose Id.